Band Bio

LIVESAY is a prime example of a band that has flown under the proverbial radar and has self-sustained five incredible albums - Livesay - S/T (1996),  Darkest Hour (2000), Awaken the Giant (2010),  Frozen Hell (2016),  Chronicles (2019) and now their latest SCARS!  LIVESAY is not a novice to the big stage and has opened for a multitude of hard rock premier acts such as Ronnie James Dio, Steve Morse, Y&T, Dokken, Winger, Artimus Pyle, Lynch Mob, Ratt, Stryper, Jani Lane, Widow Maker, Dee Snyders SMF's, Angel, Dio’s Diciples, Bullet Boys, Tyketto, Leslie West, Pat Travers, Bonham, House of Lords, Autograph, Thin Lizzy, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, Quiet Riot, Michael Schenker, Danger Danger, Trixter, UFO, Fates Warning and many others.  In addition to appearing at the 'Rock N' Skull' Festival 2 years in a row in Illinois, The New York Metal Fest in Upstate New York, The Wolf Fest in Golden Colorado and The 2023 Enfield Town Celebration Festival,  they have headlined many of their own shows over the years as well. With very little  backing, it has been a combination of hard work and a strong belief in themselves that continues to drive and sustain this band. Guitarist Gregg Livesay was also a featured artists on SHREDGUY RECORDS  SHREDDING ACROSS THE WORLD VOLUME II and hailed as one of the standout players on this release. Gregg Livesay is endorsed by SINISTER GUITAR PICKS and SPECTRO-FLEX CABLES.   

LIVESAY's sound is not easily classified;  musical diversity is what powers these guys.  It can best be described as neo-classical, melodic,  hard rock meshed with progressive elements that combined, deliver a sonic dream symphony.  The band draws influences & inspiration from the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, classic Deep Purple, Racer X, Europe and early Dream Theater.  With a magnitude of melodic, catchy hooks and vocal harmonies to the dark, mystical, heavy, technical progression, there is something for every rock genre to latch onto.

Gregg Livesay


Gregg started playing guitar at the age of 13. With his first private teacher he studied classical nylon string acoustic guitar for 4 1/2 years. With subsequent private instruction he then progressed into rock guitar continuing to take private lessons throughout the years until 1991. A diverse style influenced by classical music, progressive and Neo classical rock was developed.  The combination of technical ability with emotional content behind it is what he considers the gold standard of guitar playing and what he strives for in his own style. 
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Mike Gill

Lead Vocals

Mike is a professional Vocalist and has been a New England staple for the past 30 years with many bands, including Beyond Purple. Mike's stinging vocals and energetic stage presence brings every song to life. 

Rich Andrews

Bass Guitar/Vocals

Rich is a veteran bassist, his desire to play bass started at an early age.He grew up playing all styles of Jazz,Rock & Metal. Rich has made his music his life's passion. He's has played with many local bands and opened for countless National acts. Rich's arsenal of Ampeg, Hartke and Spector basses, keep the Rhythm section in Livesay solid and thundering. Rich joined Livesay in 2017 and feels blessed to be with such a talented group of musicians.

Mark Zito

Keyboards / Vocals

Mark has been writing, recording and performing live for over 40 years. Classically trained, his passion is melodic rock with an edge. He has played in numerous bands over the years and brings drive along with a strong stage presence to every show. Getting the best keyboard sounds are a priority. Background vocals are an added benefit.